5 Best Electric Weed Wacker Reviews for 2018

Electric weed wackers, also called corded weed wacker have become popular decision for mortgage holders across the world for many reasons. Just like anything, there are many advantages and disadvantages accompanying them.

This guide will enable you to decide whether a corded weed eater is ideal for you by giving every detail; and additionally cons and pros. We even have the best corded weed wacker that we prescribe for you.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Weed Eater

Notwithstanding every one of the characteristics portrayed above, there are a couple of different things to consider before choosing which weed eater to purchase. 

Handling Ease

The perfect weed eater ought to be simple to move and gloat an ergonomic handle. The most lightweight models by and large have a single handle, while a few makers furnish the heavier instruments with double handles. 

You ought to likewise check the length of the shaft. Preferably, you ought to pick a weed eater with an movable shaft, so you can alter its length to your own tallness. This is an aspect to consider particularly if you have an big yard or if you intend to utilize the instrument regularly. 

The most ideal approach to decide whether the gadget is easy to handle is to test it with the motor turned on, to perceive how it feels.

Noise Level

Because we are discussing electric weed eaters, you ought to pick a model that is as quiet as could be expected under the circumstances. This won't just enhance your client encounter, however it will likewise be less annoying for your neighbors.


While scanning for a weed eater, remember this is an apparatus you should bear, so picking a lightweight model will be more helpful over the long run. When in doubt, the corded models weigh not as much as the battery-controlled weed eaters, precisely because they do not have the heaviness of the battery. 

However, since the cordless models are more adaptable, you ought to consider well every one of your necessities previously taking a final conclusion.

Cutting Characteristics

Most weed eaters utilize a nylon string mounted on a revolving head to cut the grass and the weeds. However, the further developed models are additionally outfitted with metallic or plastic blades. The string weed eaters can utilize a settled line system that expects you to supplant the line each time it is harmed. For the most part, you ought to supplant the line each sections of land. 

Another kind of string weed eaters are the knock feed heads. The line is set on a spool that is settled in the weed eater's head and advances each time you knock the instrument on the ground. Finally, the automatic bolster heads utilize a similar spool system as the knock heads; however the line progresses naturally without requiring any activity on your part. 

The weed eaters that have blade connections are more effective in cutting the intense grass or weeds; however they are more costly and require more power to work. 

Here are 5 Best Electric Weed Wacker

Toro 51480 Corded Trimmer

A decent case of a weed eater with a straight shaft would be the Toro 51480. To the extent electric string trimmer appraisals, this one sits in the center to high range. It's is an electric machine which is controlled by a string. It is 5amp, and is sufficiently intense to handle long grass and thick weeds. It likewise has an auto sustain line system. This implies the line will consequently apportion when you require more. This model accompanies a solitary catch that changes it from trimmer to edger, which adds to its general comfort. 

This kind of weed eater is useful for individuals who let their grass grow somewhat longer than normal. It isn't implied for individuals who don't have the physical abilities of utilizing a heavier model.

Black and Decker ST4500 Trimmer

Another example of a weed eater with a straight shaft is the Black and Decker ST4500. It accompanies an edge head that can pivot to get the difficult to achieve weeds. This model is controlled with a string, and the string width is 12 inches long. To boost the solace of clients, there is a helper handle worked in, which likewise gives all the more sentiment control. This machine additionally has a knock bolster. This implies the client must knock the head against the ground when they wish to propel the line.

This item is useful for people to use around their property. It doesn't have enough energy to be utilized as a part of a business or expert way.

WORX WG117 Trimmer

Next, we will be looking at an item made by Worx; the Worx WG117. This model is both a trimmer and an edger, and is valuable when you need clean lines around your walkway or fence. When you flip the head and pivot the handle, you can utilize the item as an edger. It additionally accompanies a protected watch so you don't harm trees or whatever else that you don't intend to. It is viewed as outstanding amongst other electric string trimmer models around. Like the last weed wacker we took a look at, this one ought to be utilized around the house and not professionally.

GreenWorks 21212 4Amp String Trimmer

The following choice is great if you simply need a simple machine for assisting with yard work. The GreenWorks 21212 offers speed, effectiveness and a greater feeling of control. It is worked by electricity, and the power rope is excluded in the buy. This model has auto-sustain and the handle is movable. It will start up immediately when you need to go ahead.

This weed eater is cheap yet useful. It would suit somebody with a little to medium estimated yard, and can handle genuinely visit employments. It is likewise suited to individuals who don't have the physical ability to hold and work heavier things for a long period of time.

Remington RM115ST 5.5Amp Electric Trimmer

The last item we will review is known as the Remington RM115ST. This specific model is 14 inches long, and is fueled by electricity. The motor is 5.5amps. It likewise has a handle that can turn with the goal that it is less demanding to trim and edge. The length of the shaft can be balanced so individuals can utilize the machine easily. 


Ideally this reviews helped you in your choice to buy the garden device. Despite the yard estimate, it's constantly decent to realize that you have a capable and dependable apparatus to rely on. Moreover, the long shaft will enable you to trim the grass even in the spots that are inaccessible for your mower.

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